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Wills attorneys help clients declare in writing how their property and affairs will be distributed and handled after their deaths, allowing property to be transferred quickly while avoiding many federal and state tax burdens. We can explain estate distribution options to our clients and carefully draft a will that adheres to the requirements of their state's laws.

When it comes to estate planning, wills and trusts are essential tools. A prevailing common misconception regarding this subject is that only the wealthy are concerned with wills and trusts. However, the fact of the matter is that estate planning is a necessary for all people. An estate plan provides the legal mechanism for transferring property upon your death in a manner which recognizes your wishes and the needs of your survivors.

For many people it also involves creating a plan which will take care of essential obligations and affairs in case of disability and critical personal medical choices which sometimes must be made towards the end of life. Estate planning is not merely for the prosperous, it is necessity for anyone who wishes to be taken care of in old age and ensure that loved ones are cared for once you pass.


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Gloria (Englewood) says...
We were leaving for Columbia in 2 days and needed a Will immediately. We contacted Mr. Yuelys and he did it in 1 day. Not onlydid we sign a Will, but Mr. Yuelys had us sign a Power of Attorney and Living Will as well. He was polite, understanding and knowledgable. Muchas Gracias!
24th January 2012 8:53am
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