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Traffic Violations

• We appear in all courts in New Jersey and in most of NY state


Paying a NJ or NY traffic ticket fine automatically convicts you as being guilty to the charge. Why pay the fine and plea guilty when we can fight and win your case? Even if you know or think you're guilty or were caught speeding on radar, we can often win your case or get you a reduction in points! In tougher cases we may be able to get you a reduction to something that does not affect your insurance. Call us now for a free consultation at 201-996-0056.

Insurance Rates can go up 1000% as the result of paying one traffic ticket fine. The state of New Jersey now has the highest auto insurance rates in the country! Insurance companies see every single point you receive on your New Jersey driving record and may raise your insurance rates by over $150 per point for up to FIVE years! We help you keep your insurance rates low!

Points can result in an administrative suspension or hearing to determine the length of your license suspension. Accumulating points also leads to higher insurance rates. Some violations and convictions cause mandatory license suspension and revocations.

The Cost of Points
A 4 point speeding ticket could cost you about $150 in fines. But that’s the cheap part. The insurance rate hike is far more expensive! Most insurance agents can’t tell you how much your insurance will go up with this ticket. But your rates would go up about $150 per point for 3 years and you could stop earning and policy “Discount.” In some policies, 5 years of not getting any points earns you a merit discount on your liability & collision insurance.
So the total cost of a 4 point ticket could be:
$150 = speeding ticket
$300 = $60/year for 5 years, lost merit discount
$1,800 = $150/point * 4 points * 3 years

We review your driver's abstract (a record of your driving history including violations). We consult with you to determine the best strategy to reduce or eliminate points. Whether this is your first ticket or you're on the verge of a 12th point license suspension, we will devise a legal plan suited to your needs. We have even represented people with 2 licensees and over 54 points. We accompany you to traffic court and represent you in front of the municipal court judge. Prior to your appearance before the judge we speak with the prosecutor about amending your ticket (information from your driver's abstract is used at this juncture). If you are an out of state resident, you may not even need to appear in Court as we can represent you with a special Power of Attorney used only for Municipal Court.


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Mark (Closter) says...
I had received a ticket for going 19 mph over the speed limit and was considering paying the fine and surcharges, however after a consult with Mr, Yuelys, I was advised that this would not be a wise decision. He carefully pleaded my case down to a lesser violation that resulted in a smaller fine and no points on my license. I would recommend him to anyone seeking assistance with a Motor Vehicle violation.
27th July 2017 10:09am
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Ali (Paramus) says...
Driving home from a party in the City in my new Audi. Cop said I was doing 97 mph and wreckless driving. Mr. Yuelys got the Court to dismiss the wreckless saving me 4 points and the 5 point speeding got reduced to 2 points. I kept my license too. I dont know how he did it but I recommend him to anyone.
24th January 2012 8:48am
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