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Real Estate Transactions

Purchasing or selling a home will probably be one of your largest and most important financial transactions. Before signing a contract to purchase or sell a home, both buyer and seller should consult an attorney to assure that the real estate transaction will be handled legally and professionally. An attorney can protect your interests and help you resolve any potential legal problems before entering a legally binding contract.

Throughout the process, attorneys attend to a variety of responsibilities, including consultation prior to the signing of the contract, preparing or approving the contract, examining documents and supervising the closing of the transaction.

The attorney can prepare or evaluate documents which may be necessary for completing transfer of the property. The deed, the billl of sale, mortgage, promissory note, title commitment and the closing statment are only a few of the important documents that an attorney should review with the seller or buyer prior to the closing.

Through this process, the attorney will discover if the seller is the legal owner of the property and if there is an unpaid mortgage or lien which must be settled before the title to the property can be properly transferred. The attorney will also discover any restrictions or easements which are on the property and the status of any unpaid property taxes or assessments.

The buyer, the seller and their attorneys usually appear together at the "closing" to review all closing documents and to sign and exchange the documents and approve or clear up any remaining financial matters relating to the transaction. After the transaction is closed, an attorney will attend to any final details such as properly recording the deed, mortgage or other necessary documents and issuing title insurance policies.

As an attorney, our duty in any real estate transaction is to provide legal expertise. Through sound advice and thorough execution of all legal responsibilities, we will help you complete your transaction swiftly and with confidence.


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